Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Momma Task...

I am finishing up a Bible study I have been doing over the summer by Jennifer Rothschild, called Me, Myself and Lies. I am on the last week of homework, near the finish line, and today's studying was around "March on my soul, be strong." -Judges 5:21

Jennifer talked about how a "daunting task, --particularly one that involves risk, sacrifice and pain--can make the best of us want to wave a white flag." (p 134).

I know for me that "daunting task" is when I think to the future of raising four [precious] children alone - being a single, broken momma with broken children in need of so much, and all the responsibility of providing [work/money/house}, running a home, managing a family, and nuturing each individual needs and the wisdom needed in each of those areas, that I do not have..that is my daunting task. Don't get me wrong, I love being a momma, I love my children, but the task is daunting.

And I know ME. I know my weaknesses and flaws all to well, my tendencies and my desperate need for God, daily and my ever-troubling tendency to not be consistent in that.

Which brings me to something Jennifer had us read, about the sons of Koreth. (Numbers chap 16, and chap 26:32-33). The leader Koreth and his family were chartered with the task of tending to the tabernacle of God, all the contents, and ministering to the people. They were not the priests, that went into God's presence and made sacrifices, but that took care of the tabernacle. Koreth and his followers however, did not feel that task was good enough, they wanted to be the priest and they rebelled against God and against God's leaders Moses and Aaron. Sadly, their rebellion led to 250 of them being consumed by fire. Yet, all the sons of Koreth did not die, and went on to care for the tabernacle with a humbled heart and to love God. In fact, the sons of Koreth wrote some of the most beautiful Psalms, including Psalm 84.

In our homework, we were to write some of the verses in Psalm 84 in our own words to God, and I did it in mind of my daunting task and want to share it with you.

Praising God for my Momma Task - Psalm 84:1,2,4,5,7,10,11,12, (paraphrased and personalized)

How lovely {precious} to be in {allowed to live, invited into} your presence, O God. I yearn {long for} your presence. My soul cries out for you. I am highly favored to live in your presence, it makes my soul swell as in song.

Favored and happy am I because I find my purpose and strength {hope} in you and my heart's desire is to journey with you, closer to you. I move from one encounter with you, which brings me strength, to the next strenghtening encounter, until I will one day be face to face with you. {your word, your word, your word, is how I encounter you, your word and heart-whispered prayers}

One day in your presence {in your favor, at the center of your will for me} is better than a 1000 days elsewhere. I would rather do the momma-task you have called me to, in your presence, than anything else the world would offer.

You are the light of my life {my soul}, my protector {my champion}, you favor me and honor me and do not withhold what is good for me.

O Lord Almighty, Abba, Adonai, I am happy and highly favored to trust in you.

Selah. {Pause and think on that}

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fuzzytop said...

Hi Sandee,

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your story is... WOW! I can't imagine facing that task on my own. My sister is also a single momma to four kids, and I know it can be overwhelming. I'll lift you up in my prayers.