Friday, September 04, 2009

All things "Piratey" ... and yummy!

Tad's birthday is next weekend, so I have been searching for Pirate treasures on the internet.

I am SOOOO into cupcakes, over cake. I found some very cute ideas.
The best, cutests though is from Just Jenn Recipes. She has step by step instructions on how to use fondant for the icing and make these cute little pirate cupcakes (the bottom picture). (These are the tops, you put them on the cupcakes on top of a thin layer of icing.)

That is what I am going to do! My first time trying we will see!

We are having a very small party, just family and both Tad and Nick picked a friend for a sleep over. I plan to make a treasure map, and have some pieces of eight to find...but mainly just play and have fun....with Taddy's new present. Shhhhh. Don't tell!

Taddy has been wanting Santa to bring him a WII. His dad told me they were in Costco recently and Tad says, very seriously, "Dad, you know as it gets closer to Chrisitmas, WII's might be harder to get. Just to save you the hassle, so you won't have problems, you might want to pick one up now!" Isn't that a hoot?
Tad does not know that I already bought one and have the treasure stowed away! :) I know this is somewhat counter to my "unplugged" initiative, but he wants one so desperately, and we ration the time, and with this you are at least more active. I think it might be a fun family activity.

I am sure the main party activity will be playing the WII, but I am going to have a few games, some walking the plank and swahbuckling contests.

So be good Pirates and don't tell of my hidden treasure...argh, me hartees!

Oh, oh! I just thought of another idea. I am going to make 5 red bandanas and crochet black or brown dredlocks to them, and attach a gold earring, Jack Sparrow style.

Fun! Fun! I love being a momma! I will post picutres after his birthday!

Here are a couple pirate games and activity sites with cool ideas...if you are wanting a pirate party:

Coolest Kid Birthday Parties
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crispy said...

Love the pirate theme. And I love throwing parties. Hope it all works out.