Thursday, September 03, 2009

-------------- ? --------------------------

she irritatedly ignores the edges of boredom soaking into her skin

checks email
both accounts
no new messages (other than scamalot enticements or irrelevant bytes of information)
no old messages wet enough to comment on

everyone is yawning
what's on your mind
mental numbness

she read all the blogs
up to date on the yahoo groups

no ones talking
or talking the same stuff
or what she's read has had the impact of a chicklet's feather
not even that... a chicklet's feather would have been soft, light, real

must she really get up and go touch the real world to stave off the saturation of her boredom?

blog about
ok, 64 second delay

the time is now, now NOW...seeping slowly through the bytes

go touch someone
for real

(even if it's just the dog)


Do you ever wonder if we are becoming the matrix? only a duplicate? not the original. no real relationships? or is this just some boredom speaking? we cannot touch God, for real or is that touch the truest touch there is?

3 Things Others Said:

MissMeliss said...

right there with ya!!! :)


Lisadiana said...

I love you!

Marcy said...

i like this...