Friday, September 18, 2009

Change is in the air.....can you smell it?

A lot is happening, changing....
First...about 3 months ago, I said I wanted to make some changes with myself.... to I cut my hair, and since then I have lost 21 lbs! Yea...I have more to go. but happy aoub the progress.
My children are all older. I know, a change that happens every year, but 6,9 and 11 just feel so much older than 5,8,10. They are all at the same school now, their new school, and so far things are going great. My oldest man is actually taking 7th grade math, and using deoderant! (I know I can hear him now, OH MOM! You did not write that, did you???!!!!) :)
My blog is going to undergo some changes. I hired a wonderful blog designer to give me a make over, so stay-tuned for a fresh new look.
I am over much, most {all?} of my illness, so feeling well all the time is an awesome change.
We have a new VP at work, for our organization, and I am interested to see what changes that will bring.

And the season is changing, at least on the calendar, fall starts on Tuesday....I hope the weather catches up with the calender. We are planning our first trip to Apple Hill, which always feels like fall to me.
Our dear Angela will be leaving us on December 1, which is a major change! How will I get along without her? I know I will adjust, but it will be different.
I am thinking, in the fall, to move to a smaller home, closer to my children's school. Not sure if God will have that in the plans for us or not, and moving is surely not fun, but that change might e nice.
So here I sit on Friday, full of change.... I actually enjoy most change. We all need a little stirring-up in our environment from time to time.
Hope you have a great weekend. We are soccer-game bound!

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