Monday, September 21, 2009

One day away......

It's one day away. Fall, autumn, my favorite season of the year. The time of knitting and pre-Christmas secrets, sweaters, football games, apple cider, crunchy leaves, cooler weather, pumpkins, apple pie, longer evenings, candles, firewood, and backyard smores.

I love everything about it. Wait all year for it. And soak in every minute of it. I know the weather isn't quite there yet, but it will be, soon.....

One thing I miss, being single, is feeling safe enough to go hiking in the woods. Maybe I need to borrow some friend's big dog. But I long to talk my kids on nature hikes, and just don't feel comfortable venturing off the beaten path alone. Isn't that sad? {could be worse, I know, could be worse.} Maybe someone should start a "rent-a-dad" business...Just someone to go on a hike with us, scare off the "bad guys". :)

Anyway, we will squeeze in some nature where we can. At work, four of us are heading up to Apple Hill Friday afternoon, which I am thrilled about! And Friday night, we have an evening soccer game with Tadpole as our family star.

This weekend, I sat in one of my favorite Adirondack chairs on the back patio and leisured my way though my current copy of Country magazine. Just the cover alone was enough to invite me for a walk!

We have two book reports to do this week. Taddy is just finishing "How to steal a dog" about a homeless family, and Nick is finishing Inkheart. For Tad's report we are making a fold-put brochure of sorts, and for Nicks.... a life-size fandango puppet of one of the book's characters! Oh fun! ;)

On the edge of fall and life is good. Thank you Lord for fall, for bringing it around each year, and the hope and excitement it brings.

I'm off to get a pumpkin spice latte!

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