Sunday, October 11, 2009

I wish I had a real camera...a picture post

I want to start this post by saying: "I wish I had a REAL camera." I have spent so much money over the past four years replacing cheep digital point and shoot cameras and they still break. :( I have not one workable camera at the moment. These were all taken with my cell phone! I want to save up for a Cannon Rebel XLS I think it is called, digital....but anyway....

Here is our photo journal.....

Look what came dancing into my room the other night!! Cracked me up!

Then one night we had camping in the living room!

Even Bella was sacked out in the tent, with pooh and piglet, of course.

Argh Me, hartees! And then it was Taddy's birthday! (Rootbeer, of course)

My little farm boy, ready to a field trip to the Old School House. Isn't "Thaddeus" darlin?

I don't know if you can see it, but the birds were splashing and having a good time during my lunch, so I had to snap a pic.
Lost in San Francisco on our way to see King Tut.....
Navigating and Knitting.....goes well together. I told the dear momma driving (and depending on my navigating) that I cannot remember the last time I took a two hour drive and was not the driver! Seriously. Can't remember. As a single momma, I never get that option. So lost or not, I enjoyed the trip. And we did make it there after all.

Trying to get a picture with my boy, Nick, outside the museum.....

Oh well. :)

My Christmas find!! Have you seen the books, "If you give a moose a muffin, if you give a cat a cupcake...etc.." Well we have three of them. and Kohls had two new ones for $5 each! If you give a pig a party and the mouse one for Christmas. I always give the kids pjs, a new book and a stuffed animal for Christmas eve. Even my 11 year old still loves it!
Well besides the two books, Kohl had all four of the book's characters as stuffed animals! For $5 each! I cuddled-up all four, my first Christmas shopping! I am going to make the pig a polka dot dress like in the book, I am knitting the moose a red cardigan, the mouse a red hat and making hawaiian swimming trunks for the cat! :) I am so happy with my little find.

ok, this is an attempt at ..I don't know what. It was one day at work. It has been cold in the morning, I had jeans, a long sleeve shirt, a light cardigan AND a suit jacket on. We had a fire drill and I had to sit out in my hot car in the parking lot in my dressed for winter clothes at noon, waiting for the alarm to let us go back in!
One of my sewing projects. A scrap of knitting I did, left over of a skein of this wonderful green/blue wool. Then I found a cafe curtain at the thrift store and thought I could use the fabric for something....
Voila! My little bag!

The farm! Thursday I got to work on a real farm. I was just grinning from ear to ear and my heart beating hard when I got out of my car and could hear the chickens! I loved it. It was an awesome day!
I weeded spinach, planted lettuce, picked squash and eggplant, rain drip lines, and spread wheel barrows of dg for a path!..... just call me farm girl

I think the sky looks bluer over a farm! What do you think??!!

And my other pretty thrift shop finds. A pretty robin egg blue bowl with delicate vines......
And a lovely light brown one...

Last, but not least, another thrift shop find. I bought a bright colored pillow sham and made it into a book bag last night. :)

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