Monday, October 12, 2009

Popcorn and Movies......

So what have you been watching lately? Without TV channels, and with my quest to be more thrifty, I have been buying movies (VCR) from a thrift store for $1 each.

A bargain, as well as the opportunity to watch good stuff I have seen in the past.

Here is a recent list of what I have watched in the last month, (besides watching a "kids" movie with my little ones.) All, except for one (Roots, a gift from my mom) were found at our local thrift store.

DWW: I loved watching Dances with Wolves again. I have watched it several times over the years, but once again it touches me with its beauty and sadness. How beauty, community, family, can so easily be lost.

AATK: I have not watched Anna and the King for a few years (this 1999 version) and love that Jodie Foster chose to do this film. The story based on the 1940 novel by Anna Leonowens, that told of her true experience in the court of Siam for 6 years, is beautiful in the pageantry of an Asian court, the struggle between cultures and the connection between people. Not quite the film to share with my children, yet, it is one I would love for them to watch as they get older.

RH: Roman Holiday, made in 1953 was Audrey Hepburn's first film with a major role. An endearing story, often repeated in many films (Aladdin is the one that comes to mind), I love this old black and white film. The ending, with longing and choices, reminds me of the ending to Anna and the King as well. Sometimes love is held within to be played out in our heart alone. The struggle of choices and responsibility is an interesting one that I can relate to.

R: Roots. An epic. Filmed in 1977, you can sense some of the 70ish, made for TV tone to the film, never the less, the story of Alex Haley's heritage and American History from the perspective of the African citizens stripped of all that makes life hopeful, yet, somehow, surviving and still hoping. This movie reminded me again, of our history and made me question, how will I bring my daughter of Ethiopia to a country with such a history? How would I ever explain this to her?

If you have never watched Roots, or have not watched it in 30 years, I highly recommend watching it again. And then looking through new and fresh eyes, to each person around us. We all have history and heritage, as well as our hopes and fears. Oh, to be rid of prejudice for ever. How awesome that would be!

2 Things Others Said:

Renee said...

First, I love VCR tapes. My kids can't destroy them as easily!

Also, I have never read or watched Roots, since I was but a wee babe when it came out. But someone from bible study recommended it, and now you did, so I need to get it from interlibrary loan I think.

gardenmama said...

We do not own a television, during the winter my husband and I watch a few movies online, Roman holiday is a good one I like the ones you chose!