Wednesday, October 28, 2009


My heart is full, spilling out through my eyes. I have spent the past hour looking through 10 years of photos. Today is my dear, precious friend's birthday. And I just feel so blessed when I take the time to pause and think about her.

Our entire friendship has been two or three states away. IM's, Emails, business trips, phone calls.

Yet who did I tell my "labor" story to first, when I had my Tadpole. Who did I send my first referral picture to for Mary Beth, and for Olivia. Who did I call first on the day I found out my husband was no longer mine? :)

She has been there for each joy, each tear, each challenge, ....talking it all out, praying it all over, laughing out loud and even some cool shopping. She is real, authentic, honest. A wonderful, loving momma, who can pull her hair out just like me, and just like be chagrin over a snappy reply. And, she is a sister....a believer of God. We have shared Beth Moore studies together, and Beth Moore Conference apart, texting pictures and impressions. We have hashed out our thoughts re: men, friends, church, work, school, parents, siblings and what's for dinner. She is my next door friend who just happens to live over 800 miles away. I even talked her into the torture of getting our Master's degree together while we were both working full time and raising two children! Now that is friendship!

I just cannot say enough about how much she means to me. What an orchestration of a blessing God had planned, when he connected the two of us.

So, Stephanie, thank you for being my dear friend. You are a gem and a blessing to all who cross your path. Thank you for sparkling my life. are some fun pics through the years. Love you! Happy Birthday!

With her Momma.

WIth her sister.

With her man, the love of her life!

With her girls.... such lively, lovely ladies!

"and they shall rise up and call her blessed."
Happy Birthday, Stephanie......

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