Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Games we play....

Cris had a great post yesterday about their favorite games....and it got me to thinking and wanting to show off what my Papa has done!

We love games, especially board games and card games... So my dad, has one by one, handmade us different board games and I have them on a wall with some pottery barn chalk boards in between and have to show them off.

He even customized them in the colors of my family room.

The first was Pollyanna. I went onto ebay and found a picture of an old Pollyanna game for him to duplicate.

Then came checkers.....with gold and cranberry checker pieces to match.

Then in honor of my dear Princess QIng QIng, we HAD to have Chinese Checkers!

And then my add, was to beg for backgammon, which I had to quickly teach Nicholas to play. One of my very favorite games.

And the latest is a homemage game, that Nicholas has named Homebase..and we seem to change the rules each time we play. :)

The Grande Dame of them all, which is on the opposite wall, is a handmade RISK board. Can you imagine all the work this took! ??
We love playing games and it brings such good memories of my childhood and building memories for my children. Lately, however, seems every Saturday night, which I LOVE, our current favorite game is playing ROOK with Nanny and Papa. Nick and Papa are one team, and Nanny {mom} and I are the other. So far, Nick and Pappa are the winners. We plan to mix the teams up next week.
So those are a few of our favorite games.... What are yours?

4 Things Others Said:

Lisadiana said...

That is just amazing!

Renee said...

WOW! That is awesome! I have never heard of Pollyanna, will have to google that one.

crispy said...

They are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I love them. What a wonderful gift. =)

Renee said...

After playing a round of games today I was reminded of one of my favorites. It's called Stare Junior. You look at a picture card for 30 seconds and then have to answer questions about it. It's supposed to be ages 6 & up, but Levi loves it and he's 4. He's good too! he often wins.
Check it out, it's a good one that everyone can play, up to 6 players.