Monday, October 19, 2009

Thrifty Stitches

This weekend was full of thrift store finds, sewing and embroidery. (Sorry for the quality of pics, still using that old cellphone).

At school Taddy plays an acorn game. Some of the kids in his 3rd and 4th grade class collect acorns from under the trees. They then have competitions. They pick one acorn from their stash and hide it behind their back. Then one person calls "roundest" "biggest" "caps on" or some other description and then the person who is holding the acorn that wins that "competition" gets all the other folks acorns. The one with the most acorns wins. :) At my older son's soccer game this weekend, Anthony hit the jackpot in stocking his store of acorns with all the oak trees in the park. I decided to make him an "Acorn Bag" to take to school and stash his winnings. :) It was so fun to picture the bag and embroider it. AND the materials are all thrify finds. An old table cloth, ($1) that I am using to make several bags, and an old white sheet, I am using to embroider on!)

And as you can see from his smile, he loved it.

After the fun Acorn bag, I thought, I need a holder to organize all my thread, but don't want the plastic boxes. I will sew one! And oh oh, while I am at it...I will sew an embroidery bag too!

Again, using stuff I had around the house, and that old white sheet. I LOVE repurposing! :) My new buzz word!

So here is my embroidery thread holder..... all filled up. I used some scrapbook ribbon to make the ties...

And of course had to embroider a little label for the outside. Here it is all rolled up.

And then my embroidery bag had to have its own label as well. Gives me a chance to practice and improve my stitches!!

I again used some cute scrapbook ribbon that reads: love, cherish, forever, for the drawstring. (Even though I moved to digital scrapbooking, I kept buttons and ribbons to use in sewing)...

I made two pockets on the inside, a larger one to hold scissors and smaller hoops, and a small one to hold my needle pack and needle threader.

I had so much fun with the Thrifty Stitchy weekend...and the treasures I made. (The little bag is one of 12 I am making for the kids and will share in a future post, when they are all done. I did the embroidery on them earlier, and my stitches are really bad....but they will love it anyway!) Besides table clothes for bags, I also found the cutest little yellow bird salt shakers for my table...and blue flannel snowman sheets to make the boys Christmas pjs from!... Oh oh and as for old movies, I found a copy of the original Sabrina, with Audrey Hepburn....and watched it while I sewed.)

I am loving hand embroidery! Check out these cool websites:

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