Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I know...but...the season of catalogs has begun!

I know.

I have renounced materialism, over consumption and all traces of afluenza.


And I have been doing really good. Well, relatively good, for me. Some room for improvement, but better.

So indulge me just a tadbit. The new Crate and Barrel catalog came in the mail today and you see, I have a thing for red in my kitchen. Especially red plates. I am slowly growing a collection.

See these real cuties .... can't you just see a set of five added to my red plate collection?

I think I need to save up and collect a few.

And the Italian red Serafina pattern.

At least five or 8 of these!

And the every day Red Coupe dinnerware, to replace the few chipped plates I have.

Last, but not least, these cute quirky birds and patchwork owls. I am going to MAKE THEM my self. Won't they be darling?

So I am being good, I will save up for the plates...and make the ornaments.

I think the season of catalogs has begun...

1 Things Others Said:

Renee said...

I love those plates! I'm not sure which I like better!
And the ornaments are too cute. Especially the owls, I think I need to try and make some. Actually, wouldn't they be really cute made into a mobile, sitting on branches?