Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Acorn Hunts and Work in Progress

Taddy made good use of his acorn bag, when he and Mary went on an acorn hunt during Nick's soccer practice last night. The practice field has some great, large oak trees and both of them filled their stash.... Then the three of us played "Acorn Wars" where you take turns calling the acorn attribute and then compare. ex: The largest acorn, the acorn with the most scratches, the smallest acorn. .... Taddy won and we all three had fun.

And then for my current work in progress.... a little embroidery (going to be a coffee hotpad) and a little crocheting (a little redpurse). I will show the end products in a day or two.
I am enjoying fall weather, lazier evenings...and creating with my hands. Now if I could just figure out
how to knit and read a novel at the same time....

2 Things Others Said:

Hip Mountain Mama said...

I have always said I wish I could knit and read at the same is such a struggle some times to figure out which one to do when I have some free time! Maybe book on tape would work??

Renee said...

I second the audio books! There is a great website called that we've downloaded & burned lots from, for free. They are all in the public domain, and read by volunteers. It's a fantastic project.