Monday, October 05, 2009

Our Weekend: full of the season

Our weekend:
tomatoes {ripe off the vine}
gifts from friends {apples, pears and cider}
Roots {episode ,3 and 4}
knitting {two scarves done, one to go}
sewing {rushed attempt...sigh}
soccer games {one tied 3 to 3, with Tadpole blocking the opponents almost winning goal}
nanny and papa
four hours in the mini-van {without a working dvd player}
car games {alphabet names-name a fruit, name an animal, name a biblical character, a,b,c}
16 folks hanging out {and they are ALL related to me!}
pool splashing
little girl buddies {a taste of what it might be with Olivia}
strawberry shortcake
baby toes, and chubby cheeks and hopping and smiles
long curlie hair
apples to horses
boys on tractors and old beat up trucks
pomegranates off the tree
picking apples
full moon over dusky mountains, and weathered barns
tapestry sunsets
sweet Angela {always so helpful. kind and understanding}
God's word speaks
good sermon
puppy baths {and a little trim}
tackle football in the yard
popcorn and hot cocoa {with spongebob....oh well}
decorating {Fall and Halloween as arrived at our house}
maple scented candles
story book time {Pinkalicious, again :)}
rain {heard through an open window}
Life is good.

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