Wednesday, December 23, 2009

a busy week, an awesome day

Boy! What a whirlwind week we have had....From finishing decorating, school play, {It was awesome}, church play {awesome again}, crafting gingerbread houses, making gifts, and gifts, and dare I say, more gifts, {elves, pjs, hats, just to name a few}, baking all Saturday and delivering baskets....

I was feeling more than a little exhausted.

Yet, today, even with things undone on my to do list, when a friend asked, I agreed, and took my kids to Holiday in the Park at Six Flags. The night before, I started thinking, as I climbed weary and stressed into bed, "What are you thinking??!!"

This morning, when I woke up, still tired and a bit stressed, I thought "What are you THINKING??!!!"

But then, as I paused and tried to slow down my heart rate and my soul ache, I thought...let it go. The list, the need to, the gotta do. Let it go.

Here is the middle of it, drop it, and see if we can redeem the day and have a just enjoy moment in the center of it. I prayed for harmony and fun.

At the lunch table, the kids sneaked off to another room, I knew what they were about, but pretended I did not. Nick coached the other two on "let's get along today and not get short with each other and make it a great day for mom!"

The outcome?

scroll...on down...

We had a flat-out awesome, peaceful, full of goodwill and family connection and friend connection day! Awesome, awesome. I kept feeling a spark, as we walked among colored lights and I heard REAL Christmas Carols, being played in a theme park. " Christ the new born King"....."Silent Night"...."Son of God"... It was awesome.
I think we may have a NEW family tradition for the eve of Christmas eve! Mary's favorite part....the snow sledding! Taddy's, that he was tall enough now to ride on the BIG rollercoasters...Medusa, twice, Kong, Roar, Tony Hawk... Nick's the Medusa and Hot Cocoa. Momma, the hot cocoa {with whip cream}, the lights, the Christmas Carols....and the Shouka show. But most of all, enjoying the day with my kids and finding some Christmas memories in the middle of it all.
Mary and Taddy snow sledding.
Nick finishing off his Hot Cocoa
Taddy, fresh off the Medusa.
Merry Eve of Christmas Eve!

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