Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hopes and Fears

yet in thy dark streets shineth,

the everlasting light,

the hopes and fears of all the years

are met in thee tonight....

As I look forward to 2010, think about goals, think about what I long to be different, face my fears with the light of hope, I am so thankful for Jesus. What would another year on the horizon feel like, with out the hope and intimacy of my dearest friend and companion. My only hope? I do not even want to imagine.

With Jesus, each year comes with an excitement of what he has planned, what he will uncover, the treasures he will reveal and the deepening of a dear love between the closest of friends.

In the next week, I will sit first with myself and Jesus and pen out those things I hope and wish for in the coming year, the focus I want to give, and then sit with each of my children to write out a goal of two for them for the year, and some ideas of how they can accomplish it, and allow Jesus to work in them.

I look forward with hope, because of what we celebrated yesterday. In the darkness of our lives, and what we can view as the darkness of our culture at times, there shines an everlasting light. A light that sets a spark to our souls. A flame we can fan, that will ignite our hopes and burn up our fears.

Hope for Mary to grow in the knowledge that she is loved and precious and of great value to me and to God. To grow in her understanding of who God is and that she can come to know him.

Hope for Taddy, that his wounds will heal, that the word and life of God will pour into his broken heart, that he will grow in his knowledge of being loved and how to love others and just how special he is. That he will start to develop a servants heart.

Hope for Nicky that he will grow more secure in God's love, deepening into his relationship with Jesus and in the word, more committed to serve God through his place in our family as the oldest son. And grow in the gifts God has given him to bless others.

Hope for Olivia Mame, that God sees her, has a plan of hope and a future for her. That she will grow in her knowledge and love that she has a family, though not her original one, one that God has handpicked for her, to show his love to her and to us. Growth in her knowledge of God, his love and in our love. Hope that she will come to her new home soon, and God will wash her over with his love in the transition.

Hope for momma, that I will walk and live beyond myself, more in the fruit of God in me. Patience, gentleness, kindness and wisdom. That I will love better because I have allowed God to first love on me.

Hope for my parents, that God is El Shaddai, and will provide all their needs, Abba who hold them on his lap and gives hope, love and calm to their fears.

Hope for my friends, that they will grow and rest in the love Jesus has for them and deeper into their relationship with him.

Hope for the two dear young ladies in my home, that they will come to know Jesus and his life for them, his hope and his plan. That he loves them to pieces and has chosen them for a special life.

Like Bethlehem, let my life be still enough to realize the everlasting light that meets all my hopes and fears.


PS. I read this after..and just love it:

"On the cusp of a New Year, I can feel it: the excitement of radical transformation, the possibility of real change"....

"What mucky places in your life do you want Christ to come meet you this coming new year? " Ann V-What spending Christmas in a barn taught me

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