Friday, December 04, 2009

The cutest toys....

What is Christmas without a few toys thrown in???
Isn't that the cutest squirrel. The stuffed animals at Imagine Childhood are just too real and darling. Check them out.
And Soule Mama has a giveaway from them and a 10% check that out too.
I just love this little guy.... hmmm. I wonder, am I too old for stuffed animals?

2 Things Others Said:

Renee said...

Definitely never too old, but the prices, yikes! If I was monetarily rich I'd buy that kicksled, how cool!

Hey, there is a headless three-legged gray squirrel my dog keeps dragging around. You're crafty, maybe you could improvise?

Wish you lived closer, Sandee...

Sandee said... are just too funny. I love the headless squirrel!! LOL. I did look at all the felt fairies and thought...hmmmm after Christmas I may try my hand at those! :)

Wished you lived closer too....Northern California is not too bad! :)