Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Making Christmas....the next installment...

I have been busy busy busy "making Christmas" with help from my papa too. We have three elf bowling sets almost all done, I have knitted 7 snowman hats...and am working on pajamas, amigurumi starwars and a few other things.
But I came across this cool idea today and had to share....I want to squeeze it in...... :)
Scrappy Christmas Cards....
Now picture the card to the right in Christmas fabric, wouldn't it be darling?
Here is my idea: I have about three or four different Christmas card boxes with just 4 or 5 cards left in each. Rather than using them, some I don't even like the style.... I will keep the sentiment written inside, but transform the outside with my scraps of Christmas fabric!
How cute and "repurposing" is that! And for those who are not into the sewing on a card idea, you can still do it with scrapbook paper scraps...... Use those old cards and scrap away. fun fun!
Here are the instructions from another sewing momma, on the fabic card. Fun fun!

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