Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Bachelor Badge

My boys cooked dinner last night. {What a treat!} Nick is earning a "Bachelor Badge" in his scouting program where he has to do 'bachelor things"...(no, not date many women and dis them...) He has to cook three meals, clean up, do laundry, etc. So last night was one of those meals. Taddy is working on a "cooking" badge in his scouting program, so he was assistance chef! They picked this recipe....for pizza roll and went to town...learning as they went: A little doubtful on whether or not they would get the pizza dough mix open....
Notice the Bisquick pancake mix in the background... they did not have flour (I ran out after New Years Day cooking), so we talked about, what would a bachelor do...what could he substitue for flour on his rolling pin.... :) {The idea of crunched up oreos did not fly with momma).

lotsa cheese and lotsa pepperoni.

Make a roll.....
Egg and spices....
ready for the oven!

It was delicious....they also made a salad, put out candles, and I put on Andrea Borticelli (sp?) to set the italian mood. It was just right! :) And us girls didn't even have to clean up!!

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