Saturday, January 09, 2010

God's got your back...

"God's got your back"....

He's got my back.
Sweet friend: He's got your back!!!
He's got your kids back - the ones in your home, out of your home, and waiting to come to your home.

YES, HE'S GOT YOUR BACK, TOO!!!" This is from Linny's post this week, that I just now had a chance to read.

And it brought tears to my eyes. With a challenging week and a relaxing weekend.... I needed to hear this. God has my back.

My wellness or cared-for-ness is not judged by my circumstances. God has my back. My kids, my friends.

We are His. As a mother loves her nursing child, that is how God feels toward us. He has us.

It can look cloudy, dark and spooky...but we are being carried, if we realize it, by one who can see through the cloud, dark and is not the least bit spooked.

PS. That picture is my little tadpole, about 8 years ago.

I love Him. I love being His.

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