Thursday, January 28, 2010

One Idea leads to another....

So, thinking about the "new" house, and less space..and things I like and things I don't and less space.... {oh, yea, I said that, must be on my mind.) one thing I deplore is sliding doors on closets. uggedy gluggedy. Last house, current house and next house...I take the doors off the kids closets..tuck them away in the garage, to be put back on if I ever move.

Last house, I put "store bought" curtain panels up, this house, did not get to that, but planned to. Next house?


I just saw this idea from Soule Mama!! and WOW!

This is IT!

What I will do!

all those cool pockets to stash stuff in, extra storage and just the yumminess of it all!

Much fun picking fabric, (into tan linen right now) colors, and a little embroidery... too much fun!
I am also planning on removing the vertical blinds and might do this for the window curtains as well!

Who knows, I may even make a grown up version for the living room sliding doors!

Check out Amanda's blog and see the entire post, and all her other cool ideas.

6 Things Others Said:

Paige said...

Thanks for the head's-up on this cool idea - gonna go check it out now!

Renee said...

Have you read her books? THey are among my favorites... just so inspirational.

Sandee said...

Renee..YES! Ihave both her books and follow her blog. I just love what she does...

Anonymous said...

It is amazing what a little creativity can do.

Heather said...

I love the idea of these pockets, and funny enough, until I saw this on your blog, I had not thought to put this over my kiddos bunk beds. I think that this will have to be a project for the week.
Have a nice end to your weekend

FHL said...

Awesome idea!!! You'll have to post some pics when they're done!