Saturday, January 16, 2010


I know

but i am so disspointed it is painting everything scratchy

and I know that is not the right reaction

but I feel it just the same

thick dissappointment is hard to shake off

and it is all just a state of mind. NOTHING has changed...truly.
And I know, I know, I know, I KNOW, I am truly so blessed and have NOTHING to whine about. !!!!
I know that...
yet, I am still scratchy and grouchy!.... sorry Lord. I need a time out.

1 Things Others Said:

FHL said...

No you don't need a time out, you NEED to be reminded that you are HIS child, chosen, beautiful, and dearly loved.

Sending a hug your way Sandee!

I was reading the story of Elijah to my son this morning, specifically the part after God burned up the wet wood and proved his power to the disbelieving nation and afterwards Elijah went to pray and ask God to send the rain. He prayed..then sent his servant to check for the rain...none. Prayed and sent his servant again...none. Continued to pray and finally his servant was able to report that there was a small cloud.... Elijah didn't lose hope and had to keep praying....and so will we!!!