Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Discouraged...but not hopeless...

Post Script: Read here: "I wrap love around her shoulder and invite her to come away to prayer because as a parent, the best I can do for soul-sick children is to bring them close to Jesus and let them feel His touch. " av...

ah yes...Lord. with one so

We can control no one, except ourselves, and often we cannot even do that very well. How do you help a 6 year old grasp the concept of self-control and that there are OTHER options to handling something or someone that makes you mad, other than retaliation?

reminder...children are not solved..... one day, one prayer at a time.

been a spread too thin momma lately, with all the packing...probably doesn't help. My littlest is having issues at school, again. :(

Makes me so sad to think of her in some other parent's mind as a bad little girl, or bad friend. :(

Would you join me in prayer for her. and wisdom for a momma, to soak up the toxic spills.

We are ALL so very broken...some shards seem to hurt more.

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FHL said...

Praying tonight for your little one!

Sending Hugs,