Monday, April 19, 2010

Blessings this weekend...

  • tiny eggs in a nest on my porch
  • blue-bellied lizards on the patio
  • squirrels hopping along the rock wall
  • tears glistening in my son's eyes as his heart receives the story
  • a mop-haired puppy snoozing nearby
  • birds going to the the house that papa built
  • rook games with family
  • a message that stirs the soul and spirit
  • hopeful news and the peace to wait
  • a meeting well-done
  • life
  • this present moment in God's presence
  • sprouting seeds showing green leaves
  • playing one on one with Taddy
  • hugging my little girl, big
  • Nick clearing the evening dishes

we had a good, sunny weekend....

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