Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Science Camp....and more....

Last night my two guys wanted me to buy them combs when we were at the store getting last minute items for Nick's science camp this week.

Once home, they spent the next hour in front of a big mirror combing and flipping their bangs in various styles.... this morning, trying to get them out the door....again, hairstyle experiments and headflipping....!! I even heard the younger say...."Jonas Brothers!" lol. They are ONLY 11 and 9!!!!

So Nick, all decked out with his flippy-hair and Indiana Jones Hat, sleeping back, pillow (with Pooh hidden inside), Calvin and Hobbes books and Beef Jerky for the off to a few days at Science Camp, with his 6th grade class.

I think one of the parts he is really excited about (besides spending a couple nights with all his school buddies) is the "recreational time". The camp they are going to has rock walls, ziplines, skate parks, obstacle course, swimming pool, soccer, horseshoes, tether ball, basketball, volleyball and of course a "mud pit"! A boy's dream, I would say.

So I will miss my oldest and his flippy hair for a couple days....but I know he is in good a Christian Science camp with his favorite teacher and friends....

And think of the laundry when he returns.

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