Thursday, April 08, 2010

A little this a little that....

PS...adding a couple photos I was able to email over from my phone...
am I going up or going down????

blog, blog??!! You want me to BLOG!!!!!??

(my momma told me to)

I had been contemplating quitting the blog world lately. I love all the links on the side of my blog and use them frequently....

but have felt that MOST times I have NOTHING of value to say.....

and who other there really cares about the little adventures of me and my kids, other than my momma.... (And aunt Barbara and Aunt Della)....

and I have been STRUGGLING SO in my current season, I would have to fake good words on many day....

and I am too busy and trying to become less so.

That said, I am still here...not sure how frequently...and today will be a post of this and that and no real thread or theme.....just stream of consciousness.

Is nose spray evil? I have heard it is (addicting) and should be avoided BUT...I am sick of not being able to BREATHE! Like right now, but especially at bedtime. so I bought some yesterday. It is at home right now, in the medicine cabinet and I want it BAD, in the worse way right now! :)

Country life: Ok, I know there are more "farmy" country girls than I, but we are LOVING where we live. :) My dad put up two more bird houses this past weekend, and I was scared the pounding and construction scared away the bluebirds in the one house we already had. I have not seen them return. But this morning, I saw a NEW small bird, checking out the third house and deciding to move in! Coolness! I love watching them hope and gather and nest and peck for food. Sweet little things.

My kids found a dead birdie in our carport yesterday. So they took the garden shovel and dug a hole and had a funeral. Even made a gravestone. IT has some yellow writing on it, but I could not quite read it.

We took a long walk yesterday, along a country road, my three kids and a neighbor boy, all carrying foam swords or battle axes...all dubbed various Lord of the Rings characters. IT was a lovely day and a good walk.

We did some garden planting this past week, and lots of little seeds are being cared for in my little make-do green house (bricks and clear plastic on a picnic table). I have no working camera and cannot figure out how to download from my cell phone, so no current pictures. Taking them, but can't display them.

Knitting: I am close to finish than I am to start on the scarf I am knitting to expand my skills. It has ruffles and a lace pattern and it totally cool, well actually WARM....and I will probably be down with the themometer reaches upper 80's! lol. But I will stow it away for next winter. I am also, starting again, another project with my lumpy yarn, bought new needles yesterday, but I think I HATE the new needles (short bamboo, circular needles.) They are just too hard to knit with. Gonna find some long, normal ones. Knitting is my calming activity..especially when I knit in the car. (Have a picture for THAT too, when I figure out how to upload).

Sewing: Been doing a lot of that, and getting more fabric all the time. Very fun. More cool pics that you cannot see.

So that is the this and that. I am attending a Bible Study at church regarding drivers....they things that push or drive us...this week it was self-indulgence. OUCH! That one hurt. Especially the concept of "unearned leisuretime". How we are so accustom to believing that liesure time is an American right...and most important..etc...and how we might at times, neglect spiritual or other responsiblities and indulge in our leisure time when we have not yet "earned" it. Interesting thought, one lady said, but what if your to do list is never done...then you would never earn it! :) Good point. I need to ponder this more and may share a post once I have digested the message.

I am also reading a good devotion book from Nancy, that I love...about Being a woman of Simplicity...and it is resonating with me.

so that is us.

ok momma. I blogged. Your turn!

2 Things Others Said:

Talley Images said...

I read your blog

Lisadiana said...

I read. I just don't always have time to post. Still waiting for the normal to return to my house. Three boys? I don't know if it's going to happen but I love it!

I continue to pray for you.