Sunday, June 27, 2010

God gave me a ring.

24 x 7 momma
never changing:
24 x 7 plus infinity God
at church today, on a message on faith..... I released {again?} that I need faith to believe that God is leading me...will lead me...will speak and I will hear, recognize.
That it is all true and happening, and purposeful even when I do not understand a thing.
and the verses came to me that use to be my life verses {how can it "USE to be", if it is a "life verse"? yea I know, I don't know, maybe it is just that they are tattered and I thought worn out, but came back fresh and to the point this morning}....
Trust (faith) in the Lord with all your heart (emotions, thoughts, wishes, dreams, cares, plans, precious things you hold dear, will) and don't lean on your own understanding, in ALL your ways (thoughts, concerns, plans, issues, doings) acknowlege (ask, talk about, bring him into it) Him and HE WILL DIRECT YOUR PATH. (Prov 3;5,6)
See, he says he will lead me... He doesn't say only if I have some big eye'poping, spine tingling voice mysteriously whispering to me..and I get that oh, HE TOLD ME TO... not only if that... He just says flat out He will direct me...I don't have to worry about HOW he is or is not doing it....he is doing it, the HOW is up to him. And no plan or leading, or direction from Him can be thwarted. I say....your will be done..and so I opened the door to Him.
So that is my believe He is leading. I want him to. Shortly after those thoughts, a sister on the same row as me, came over to me and gave me a pearl and diamond ring...seriously...gave it to me and said God had kept telling her to give this to me. And I asked Why? and she said I don't know, but he told me to. And I said, I don't know why either....but I will accept it and ask Him.
I still don't know why... tried to ponder this or that...a ring being a binding sign of a covenant agreement...God in relationship with me? Nick asked what does a pearl mean...and all I could think of was something precious, of great worth (pearl of great price...). So I don't know why God wanted to give me a ring. But I accept it.
Today Olivia learned how to hand sew yoyos and was so proud, as she made one after another and I sewed them on to two jumpers, one for her and one for Mary. She also went to Sunday School with the kids and WITHOUT me...which was a big thing. This was the FIRST TIME she has been out of my close proximity since we met! She did well. :)
We all just finished watching {3 hours!} My Fair Lady. :) Olivia said, this is not English that I understand. :)
My God, is 24 X 7, infinity and beyond. :)

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