Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Neekee, Mom, Ansonee?"

All night I heard "Neekee, Mom, Ansonee?... Why, mom, why? "

Nicky and Anthony are at a sleep over and all night Olivia missed them and would ask me where they are and why they weren't here and why I would let them sleep some where else... :)

So sweet to see her connected enough already to miss them.

And I agree with her, it just does not feel right when we all are not sleeping under the same roof.

Good night Neekee, Goodnight Ansonee, Good night Maudee, Good night Oliveeeuh.
Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite. Mommy loves you.

Dear Lord Jesus,
Bless my children.
Give them a good nights sleep with happy dreams and good thoughts.
Help them fall asleep quickly.
In Jesus Name,

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Renee said...

So sweet to read this. I know Olivia must be carrying so much grief and hurt inside her, and I am so glad she is connecting with your family. I think of you guys often, and send up little prayers.
<3 Renee