Monday, July 05, 2010

1000 blessings

so often, when days are pebbled by squabbles, tears, whines, overflowing sinks, skinned knees and please of momma, may I.... momma, I'm hungry, momma he did...., momma she said.....
you can paint a whole day {life} by the last mini-crisis handled, or the last snarled response, or shed tear.
but wedged between all those pebbles are other pebbles {blessings} that paint the day magenta, rather than gray.
- sewing yoyos
- underlined words in my Bible Study homework
- a teacher's kind praise
- an eager {proud} student
- a bit of grace extended to the offender
- a blooming sunflower
- playing in the sprinkler {"Momma in Ethiopia, no water play, in America water play!"}
- bedtime, all tucked in
- ripe tomatoes
- leftovers well-received
- no tv/movie/computer/wii day/night.
- reading together
- sitting with my oldest son on the porch bench, with his arm around my shoulders....because he wants to be there.
- big and little ears, listening to mommy read
- the discovery of a new book
- chalk drawings on the window sills
- my funny middle son
- girls giggling {too much perhaps} in their room
- her first underwater flip
- kitty found sleeping in the quilt drawer
- seeing a peacock, better yet, finding a discarded peacock feather
- a verse echoing in
- listening to 5 little monkeys in Amharic
- the grace poured in to set aside my desire at that moment and stop, listen, sing, and hug
- singing a song in English and her excitement over knowing that same story in Amharic
- reading Genesis 1 at the dinner table
My Lord, God, Savior, King, Ish, maker is my husband.

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