Sunday, July 11, 2010

1000 blessings....

  • kids playing in soccer-field sprinklers at 9 pm

  • popcorn and Veggie Tails....even at their age

  • dancing and giggling

  • Vacation Bible School

  • sailor hats

  • the sound of sprinklers at bedtime

  • His word

  • all tucked in - house is quiet

  • half of the summer still to go

  • birthday count down ("3 days until my birthday mom!")

  • team-family soccer

2 Things Others Said:

Denisa said...

I read your comment on A Place Called broke my heart. I am a complete stranger to you. I have never even read your blog...but the Lord moved me to reach out to you. Your adoptions are of God, no matter how they came about. God's ways are not man's ways. We cannot always know how or why He brings something about in our lives. Your miracles with your adoptions are not focused on how the funds came into your lives. It is about your children and you opening your heart and home to these children. They aren't orphans. I believe that from THE BEGINNING, God knew that you were going to be their mother and you were willing to obey the promptings to claim them, despite your financial circumstances. Your adoptions are of God. They weren't of Satan and we all know our own flesh is weak. Please don't let the enemy steal God's glory. Maybe your story about how the adoptions "came to be" will help others to understand that our faith walk isn't cookie cutter and obedience to God is more important than what other people, even well meaning Christians, may think. Bickering over "HOW God provides" and finger pointing over "your lack of faith kept the money from coming in" puts Satan on the throne and we miss seeing God's miracles in our lives. Is this any different then when a "Believer" says, "They wouldn't have died if their faith had been greater or if they had gotten rid of their unresolved sins!!" Yes, this was spoken about a dear friend of mine that passed away from an illness. Please find comfort in resting in God's sovereignty and enjoy being a mom of four precious children. A side note: I too have two adopted children and there were credit cards involved. And I know that they are of God because if He wasn't involved, they never would have happened. But, that is a story for another day.

Be blessed and I pray you are at peace.

Sincerely, Denisa

Denisa said...

Your words broke my heart. Your adoptions were of God!! You know they weren't of the enemy and we know how weak our flesh is. God's ways are not our ways. Each of our journey's is unique and it isn't for others to decide if you did things "the right way". Your faith is strong, your love for the Lord is great. He knows Your heart and your willingness to obey. Who are we to questions how God provides? And at the very least, He provides no matter how much we may stumble along the way. And He provided big time for you with your four children. Please don't let others talk you out of your blessings or make you doubt how God made these adoptions come about.

Be blessed, Denisa