Thursday, July 29, 2010

How does your garden grow?

We love our sunflowers, morning glories and struggling garden. Being our first year....we are content with flowers and a little victory. :) We ended up with a lot of empty pots, from our seedlings grown and transplanted in beds. Looking through a gardening magazine ( gardens NEVER look like theirs) and in need of some new sprinklers....we went to a local nursery and bought enough flowers to fill all our empty pots....three new sprinklers .and a new weedeater.... I picked out the daisies and alyssum, geraniums and verbatana, Olivia picked out the impatiens, petunias and all the multi-colored flowers. I had lots of help gardening.....digging in the dirt, pairing flowers, placing the pots around, watering....

and Taddy loved being the man with the weedeater!I have a few papa projects and want to get some autumn blooming flowers and seed for the middle raised bed....but we had a fun day and enjoyed all the playing in the dirt.

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Marcy said...

hey, LOVE the flowers...that's what i like most about visiting my sister in SF area - because this time of year our flowers are all wilting here! and YES, i was cold and wore a coat! going from 97 to 67 degrees is quite a change!