Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of School ~ a good day.

All ready to go!~ First day of school...FINALLY. Taddy was sick the day before and even in the night, so I was not sure if he would make it or not. But some TLC and prayer and he was ready to go! All my kids had a great first day at school. Mary reported it was a great day, and she had NO time outs! Taddy told me about the new kids in his class, Nick is chopping at the bit for some HOMEWORK, and Olivia said her teacher is really nice, and one of her new friends in class made her a yarn/bead braidto wear in her hair.
A good day for all. And even at home later, no major squabbles...,some minor skirmishes, but nothing major. yea! My little stair steps! Early morning shadows across the school parking lot....first day of school with four children.
Mary, very happy to be there!
Junior Highers...
The fourth grade boys line-up!
First day of school!
It was only a half day of school, so we celebrated the first day by going out to lunch!

One tired girl at the library....as Olivia was being tutored, Mary fell a sleep....all the excitement of school wore her out!

Olivia's pretty braid.....she liked it so much, she stayed up and made 5 to give away to the girls in her class tomorrow!

A good day....I am praying the structure of school, and the purpose of learning will help decrease some of the challenges we have had being home 24/7. Time will tell, but today was a good day!

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Shannon- said...

I don't know how I lost you!!! So glad I found you all again! Huggs Sandee!