Friday, August 27, 2010

Four books and a cd....

(as opposed to "Four Weddings and a Funeral.)....

I am reading four books and listening to a cd audio book. Well actually in reality I am reading more than four books, but I am focusing on a concentrated reading and journalling of four books.

Now I know some might say, why not focus on ONE book at a time, rather than four. But see, each of these books has to do with my children and my children are in four different "places" in their life journey....and I need the help NOW! :)

So what I am doing, is taking one lunch hour a week, for four work days, and reading a chapter in a different book each day. I don't just read it though. I am journalling about it, praying, making life changes.

I have been praying and praying (and crying and struggling and stumbling and getting to the end of myself alot) and asking God to guide me with my children. The way it IS right now cannot be the way it continues. And through various ways, these four books (plus a cd) have come into my life at this time. Some are return visitors and some are new. So I am reading the four...AND I am listening to the CD after I drop the kids off at school on my drive into work and back out to pick them up. My "study to invest in them" time. (Rather than my former way of staying up to midnight or beyond reading and then being exhausted, crabby momma in the morning.)

The four books and cd?

1. Age of Opportunity by Paul Tripp. It is interesting how this book came into my life at this season. I first read about it a few weeks back, when I was very thick in the middle of stress, depression and desperation over my children. Lisa wrote a blog about it...I immediately ordered it from Amazon, but when it came sat it on a stack, too busy with the fray to open it up. Last night I went to the Junior High back to school night at my son's school. The principal and his teachers were quoting from this book and sharing how some of the principles in the book are played out in their teaching philosophies and interactions with the students. What I heard sung through my Spirit and soul. I recognized that the book sounded familiar, but I did not remember that I had ordered it. So I went online and ordered...again! lol. Then this morning, as I was gathering my other books up, I came across it again. lol. It is all about working with your teen or preteen...and how each moment is an opportunity for God in you and in them. I am excited to get going on this book.

2. The Connect Child by Karyn Purvis...which I have blogged about before. Now with Olivia home, I need to dig back into this one and put it into practice....MORE. Some great stuff and Karyn has a free study guide, that goes along with the book on her website, Empowered to Connect.

3. Shepherding a Child's heart: by Tedd Tripp I first read parts of this book 8 years ago, when my oldest was 4. Now he is 12, and we need it again...for all my kids. There is a work book that goes with this one too.

4. The Heart of Anger by Lou Priolo. Another purchase from several years back, but never finished or implemented...and needed with some of the sibling conflicts we are in. I have a work book too, with it I never completed.

5. The Audio cd of Instructing a Child's Heart, also written by Ted Tripp.

So that is my "back to school" reading and investment in my children. If this doesn't work (aka help me feel like I have a handle on hope and how to move us forward in our relationships) then it is on to finding a family therapist. I will share my gleanings as I find good things that help us.

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