Thursday, August 26, 2010

I like P's.....

actually peas....not the letter P, like in pretty petunia's pouting on the porch, although that is cool too, but the green edible kind. As a kid, I hated peas. Not just the taste, but the squishy texture inside the peas...but now, as a grown-up I like them. :0> Eating them for lunch at my desk at WORK! Yes! I am back to work. and SOOOOOO happy to be so! Seriously! I am not cut out to be a 24/7 momma without any "respite". (time away from kids). I also love lack of structure and spontaneity at home when things don't need to get done, BUT it does NOT work well with children. Nope! So the structure of school, and then responsibilities at home (am is 7 tasks by 7:15, pm is 8 by 8 pm) is making for a happier family. And momma at work, respite time is making for a happier momma.

Three days in, all my kids are loving school. I was especially worried about Olivia, and she goes to bed and wakes up excited about going to school! Yes! Nick is groovin' on Jr. High, and Mary is working well with her first grade teachers structured style! Yea! Poor Taddy was sick for two is still getting into the swing of things as far as school is concerned, but when Olivia brought home his homework, for missing yesterday, he immediately sat down at the table and got it done! Yea Taddy!

And work, just half-way through my first day back, (it is pea-eating lunch time) and I am happy. Had a meeting with my boss on previous projects I will be taking back and new items I will be taking on and I just LOVE my boss! He is the nicest person to work for...and just a good guy! I like my office, my company, my tasks... all is good...oh, and my dear friend Stephanie who I can IM chat with. Life is good.

I had been so overwhelmed, stressed, depressed, down, intense, frustrated, at my wit's end with the challenges of this summer. It is funny, someone asked, how are you going to handle it with work too? But for us, the time away from each other, with school and work, makes the time together better. So with God's help, that is how I am going to do it.

And the kids are helping and pitching in. Mary and Olivia unload the dishwasher. Nick and Tad do the dishes. Nick packs lunches for all four kids. Mary feeds/waters the dog. Tad feeds/waters the cat. The boys take out the trash. Mary and Tad do the laundry (to an extent)....and it is working well. We have no TV (movies, either) on school nights...and 30 minute Wii time is earned after all chores are done, and 30 minutes of reading has happened.

And the best thing yet...fall will be here soon! my F _ A_V_O_R_I_T_E time of year! Big yea!

We have a peaceful reprieve after such a stormy summer. I know we have many more squalls to journey through...but I love the reprieve for a while!

And yea for Peas!

and venti lattes

and the monarch butterfly I saw walking into the office this morning

and my boss

and a Christian school my kids love

and my parents babysitting tonight

and my bright office cubicle

and my friend Stephanie

and the prospect of starting a new Bible Study

and FALL on the way!

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