Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Taddy...what a decade!

Ten years of Taddy!

I can't believe it has gone so fast. All of a sudden a little man stands where my little boy wobbled not too long ago.

I love that you still love giving momma hugs, and cuddling with Teddy bears... and I also love the warrior side of you.

First, a peek back at the last ten birthdays....

2000: well not officially a at 3 months old!

2001: 1 year old, still did not have your sea legs. :)

2002: My precious little man.

2003: Little man turned 3, enjoying that cake~

(All the labels below here will NOT work , no matter what I do..I just LOVE sorry, but you get the idea!)

2004: my little batman

2005: half way there..enjoying his cake

2006: The year you were tagged "Tadpole"

2007: A day at Nut Tree, with Papa and Nanny too.

2008: Still not too big at eight, to hug your momma

2009: My little pirate. I remember being so sick that day...but we celebrated anyway!

2010: We celebrated with decorations, home-made cake, Nanny and Papa and Nick, Mary and Olivia all excited!

Happy Birthday, little man. Your momma loves you to pieces!

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