Thursday, September 16, 2010

in the halls of laws.....

Wednesday, Anthony and Olivia had a field trip to the California State Capitol. I had the blessing of being able to volunteer to be a driver and chaperone. (Olivia's first field trip too.) It was a great day seeing the Senate, and Assembly, the great architecture and decorating and the big bear outside Governor Schwartznegger's office. We learned all kinds of interesting facts and had a wonderful tour guide. An informative and fun day. Did you know the California State insect is the Dog-faced Butterfly? Or that we became a state without ever being a territory first? Our nickname is the Golden State?

As I looked at all the portraits of past governors, I thought how many in the early days of our state, had a faith in God and lead through that faith and how sad that our government has drifted so far from the faith our founding fathers held.

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