Thursday, September 16, 2010

Something to pray about.....

Lale and Gido

Micah and Emily

Levi and Jessie
Have you heard of Drawn from Water?
I first heard the name last summer, when at the library with my children, I met another momma who had adopted her daughter from Ethiopia, from the Drawn from Water home.
(They have since stopped doing adoptions, at least for this time and are focusing on rescuing children from death, read more about that here.)
Then today, from a fellow facebooker (Thanks, LisaDiana) I saw their call for an army of prayer warriors, and went to read about the ministry and needs of Drawn from Water. Interesting that their post for the need of an army of prayer warriors to come along side to help fight the spiritual battle they are waging came on 9/11. Just seemed significant, a day of spiritual warfare.
SO as I read about what they do, and have been praying what my radical self can do...I feel a connection to these three bold families. I want to come alongside, in prayer, in sponsorship, in encouragement, and who knows what God may have in the future. I look at their faces and their children and I LOVE this. They truly are radical for Jesus, and I love that. I want to live next door..with all my kids! :) (Oh to not be so old!)
So I do not know where this will go...and what is in store...but it starts with praying. :) Would you join me in prayer to help these families..that God would give them the protection and favor and defeat the oppression of the enemy to save these little children's lives.

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