Tuesday, September 14, 2010

running from radical?

Yea, multiple posts on the same day...go figure.
Marla Taviano is doing an online book club, reading response, to David Platts book, Radical.
And as I read Marla's response....being prompted there from Megan's post on the same, I realized, maybe I was running from radical.
Not sure. But I started the book back in July, stirred up by ann's post on her reading this book, and remembering Katie stirring me about this book earlier in the year.
Then on an impulse, I gave my copy away to our youth pastor who was leaving....in the middle of a conversation. I intended to order it again..and have not.
Then this week, with Ann and Amanda's blogging about their trip to Guatamala, I became all stirred up again.
So am I running, or are things crowding it out? Or what is going on? Am I afraid of questions without answer and that single-mom life is so full and the hearts of my children so broken in need of love and care, that I am afraid to grapple with more? I thought maybe my compassion response would plug the hole in my heart...maybe. Maybe not. I still feel it is a good response...but...
yes, I am willing for God to open my heart up further and move me through the door to His future for us. So today, I am ordering the book again...and re-reading that first chapter that stirred my soul and raised so many questions.
Hang on kids....who knows what the future holds....
Why do you think this book is so topsy turvy for so many? I have felt for a long time that playing the big church was not God's plan....but yet the big churches are all over. The author pastor's one. So pro or con big church is not the thing. What is it....?
I think of the verse, as we all grapple with these questions of what am I to do... "God has shown, oh man, what is good and what the Lord requires of thee. To love mercy, to act justly and walk humbly with our God".
mercy, justice, humility..... maybe it is HOW that is played out in our lives, specifically, how we walk that walk...that God is stirring with the book Radical. I will be interested to read others responses.

2 Things Others Said:

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

Sounds like God is chasing you down, girl! I love that verse in Micah that you quoted and think that each of us has a unique way to be radical for God..we just have to be willing for Him to reveal it to us and then obey.

Marla Taviano said...

My friend Jamie gave me that verse in a frame, and it's hanging right in front of me. Sometimes I wonder if I really, truly know what it means.