Thursday, September 30, 2010

What was September?

I loved Megan's Post, over at Sorta Crunchy, reflecting back on here is my reflection:
Reading and Listening: The audio book has become my new best friend, listened to Crazy Love, by Frances Chan this month and currently I am in the middle of Choose to See, by Mary Beth Chapman. (She was part of my inspiration to start this adoption journey 6 years ago.) Before that it was Instructing a Child's Heart by Paul Trip. All three of these books has profoundly touched and changed my heart and perspective.
I am reading, as you know if you have read any of my blog posts here, Radical by David Platt and have many more books and audio books waiting in the wings.
TV: Well, once again, I cancelled my tv channels and cable. Tired of the junk on and not a wise use of I have not been watching any TV, but I did started re-watching my 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls again. Such a FALL thing to do (even if it is 90 degress outside). I am in the middle of season 2. Harvard or Yale...which will it be? Let me guess. :)
Movies: Have cut the movie budget, so the only thing we have seen this month was our splurge to go see The Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of G'ahoole. We ALL loved it. Talked much about it afterwards and the pictures of Christ in it. Doing the right thing, regardless of the cost.
Music: Has been a lot of listening to my son practice playing and singing for youth worship, Jesus Culture music: Rain Down, I Cry Out, Revelation Song and his latest addition, He Loves Me. Nothing like hearing your twelve year old worship Jesus at the top of his lungs. Besides that we are still very much into listening to Amy Grant's newest CD Somewhere Down the Road.
School: A lot of my focus has been around the kids school, field trips (The State Capital), school elections, homework, homework and oh, yea, more homework... and the whole lunch thing. Packing for four everyday and getting out the door is quite a feat.
The Word: Proverbs has been a big part of our life this month. As more mornings than not, we have gathered around the table together, Bibles open and read 5 verses from the Proverbs for that date and gathered prayer requests. Some days it is a real battle, and I get discouraged on whether any is sinking in, but I will not grow weary in doing what is right, because I do believe it will reap a harvest.
Tension: I have to admit, tension has been a lot of September. Squabblings between the kids, momma's not always best correction methods...and just tension in my soul. Part of it is trying to reconcile what my heart is opening up to in Radical and Crazy love and where we as a family fit in with the culture all around us. I don't have the answer to this one yet, so I am sure it will carry over into October.
Knitting/Sewing: Always lots of that going on, with two projects on the needles, making slow progress, and sewing some journals and little bags....
New Things: We had some new things this month as well. Olivia invited to her first girlfriend birthday party, a great success, make a new long distance friend in Gabi on her way to Uganda, becoming familiar with Drawn from Water and wanting to help their ministry, and having my heart broken with Ann's trip to Guatamala resulting in a sponsorship through Compassion of a young girl in Guatamala and a school sponsorhip if another young girl in Ethiopia through Ethiopia Tomorrow. We also through a serious of events, visited a home fellowship, for church. We plan on going back a few times and praying and seeing what God would want of us regarding church on Sunday.
This has been a hard month for me.....not as hard as last summer, as God is opening my eyes on some things and guiding, but still hard, as I like things all buttoned up and clear and there is still a lot of tension and questions.
So come on October....bring some cool weather and some clarity.
How was your September?

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Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Oh, you KNOW I completely understand the tension and the unsettled-ness. It's really good to get shaken up though, right? I'll take this over boredom and malaise anytime. :)

I so want that new Amy Grant CD. When we were kids, that's pretty much all we were allowed to listen to and I have such a soft spot in my heart for her.

And how wonderful to hear your son singing praise with such zeal and enthusiasm! Love it.

Thanks for playing along!