Thursday, October 21, 2010


what is inspiring me today?

- Amanda's chalk board wall. hmmm what wall in my house would accomodate this? I can think of a little mini-wall.
-sweet potato biscuits. now doesn't that sound yummy? I heard it is suppose to rain this weekend. sounds like a good time for a little baking.
-when Heather said on her blog; " Until coming to Haiti, I thought when the Bible talks about truth it only meant spiritual truth, as if only some truth belongs to God. How silly of me. The exciting thing is, God owns all truth. Every drop of it. It belongs to Him. " Last week, a wise, godly woman told me this same thing, when we were talking about discovering some medical, science-type things....that could help me and my children. That all truth, even the truth of science and medicine, comes from God. I love that. God is so practical!
-by Laura's pointed question: "How many times have we had those tough conversations and just been down right mean?", when talking about correction and restoring our children gently.
-these cute little knitted wool vest, another Heather inspired me with, that I plan to make for Christmas in my kids sizes. Darling and promises to be quick.
- a chat with my good friend Stephanie about taking care of what is inside our fence (she calls it my four walls) first, foremost. Rather than trying to take care of all else outside my fence and neglecting what God has given me. Reminds me of the verse in Psalms about (paraphrased perhaps) the boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places.
- my friend Kristy, who slipped a surprise cd on our porch a couple weeks ago, we are still enjoying and listening to Lincoln Brewsters "You are amazing"...and echoing the sentiment in our hearts.

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