Thursday, October 28, 2010

its beginning to look a lot like......

The sewing season....

Tonight I had the joy of finishing Olivia's "boo bag". (I had made the other kids one last year, and needed to add Olivia's to the mix.) They turned out so cute.... The kids trade in most of their candy for a little "great pumpkin" gift, which I put in a cute sewn "boo bag".

When that was all done, I started on CHRISTMAS! YEA! My first Christmas present in the works. I always make the kids pajamas as a present to open on Christmas eve. What I have done the last couple of years is make them from fun, winter patterned flannel sheets.

Last January, right after Christmas, I found the cutest flannel sheets at a thirft store. Pink, brown and white for the girls, with little snowmen with pink hats, and snowbunnies and squirrels. And for the boys, blue and white polar bear sheets.

Tonight I drew out MY OWN PATTERN for the bottoms...measured all the kids sizes and cut out four pairs of pajama bottoms! yea. For the tops I buy oversized, long sleeve t-shirts and then embellish them. This year I am going to cut out snowmen and polar bears from the flannel sheets and applique them onto the tops. The total cost of the pajama bottoms? $7 for the two sheets. I usually find the tshirts for $3 to $5 each. So $27 for four sets of cute, momma-made pjs! Fun fun fun. and as a little added surprize, I am going to MAKE four little stuffed animals (most years I buy them..but hey, I am going homemade this year) and dress them in pajamas to match, I have enough left over flannel.

I will show some more pictures as the project progresses.....

So it is beginning to feel a bit like Christmas around here! (and a little like Halloween too!)
Addendum. I could not resist..I went ahead and uploaded some of the pictures. :)

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