Wednesday, October 27, 2010

a little piece of peace

Inspired by Heather's post on finding peace when she watches her kids play, I was thinking that I have experienced more moments of peace this month, just playing with my kids.
Like little pieces of goodness tucked into the corners of a day, I have found myself setting my never ending to do list aside to DO SIMPLE THINGS with my kids:
Reading picture books to the girls each night as we discover anew the Good Knight, sleepy dinosaurs, picky eaters and bears who want more.
Playing cards with Nicholas. Now labeled as the MASTER of the card game Speed...(he is too fast for me)..we have laughed and triumphed the ONE time I won. :)
Playing board games with Taddy. Omega Expedition is his current favorite...and yes, he beat me too.
I realized the moments of peace I experience when I set all the home tasks, computer tasks and other things aside, and just play with my child. A little love and joy come along with that too.

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