Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thank you....

God puts the lonely in families and He blesses us (and refines us) by those most close to us. Beth Moore today, on her blog, had a request asking us to comment on her blog about one person that God has used to bless us this year...to say "I want everybody to know how wonderful this person is and how much God has used her in my life.”
Here is what I commented:

Dear Momma,

You sometimes say, at three score and ten, that you think your life has not had much impact. But you see, I know it has. Where would with prodigal-returned be, without the 11 plus years of intercession - you knocked on heaven's door for me again and again? And now, as I am a single momma of four, I know you are still knocking for me and my precious blessings. When all is dark and hard and confusing, I know...there are two interceding for me: you and Jesus. You carry much in your heart, all your sisters and nieces and nephews and grandkids and kids....and with that passionate heart you petition God, and it avails much. There is so much in life I could thank you for, you have done so much. The one that means the most, is your never-stopping prayers for me and mine. I love you. Happy Thanksgiving.
I love you mom!

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