Thursday, November 18, 2010

What it looks like around here....

I am working from home today, and my table is a bit of a snowstorm. :)

Nick is dressing up tomorrow for school as "something that falls" aka SNOW. So last night all the kids had fun making snowflakes that I will be sewing to a white turtleneck tonight. I kind of like the snowflakes on the table...we may have to do some more.

We have been having more good days, than tough, more good times than tough times... What a blessing.

I see God growing in each of my children and in their momma. We have much to be thankful for, as we look forward to Thanksgiving next week. One of which is that I do not have to shoot one of the wild turkeys on our property, as Taddy so wishes I would, for our feast! :)

We have all been busy making and whispering Christmas surprize secrets, sewing, knitting, drawing, cutting...

I love this season as it builds to the celebration of the best gift of all...Our Savior, Jesus Christ our Lord.

I have found some real treasure in my thrift store scavenges and can't wait until the Christmas unvieling..

(that date there, 6/06, is for june 1906!...shhhh. its a secret and I won't say more!)

Oh want fun to find treasures in someone else's discards. It is more than half the fun!

My car knitting (getting in a stitch or two at stop lights...seriously) has reached a new level of sophistication, as I am creating four (or more) darling elf hats...I can't wait to show them all, but I am loving it. And I just love the fact that my children truly love and appreciate homemade gifts, that momma, or grandma or papa make for them. I just love that about their hearts.

The elf hat pattern comes from the book Handknit Holidays...which I saw first on Amanda Soule's blog....but I found the pattern for free by the author, as I mentioned you can reproduce it from the instructions here.

I am adding different embellishments to each one...and having a blast making them.

We have started the planning for each of the kids special homemade gifts to each other and their grandparents, with some already underway....

With a little plastic tub for each, with all their supplies, and Nick's Worshop, Mary's Workshop, Taddy's Workshop and Olivia's Workshop, written on top...they love sneaking away to mom's sewing room and working on projects. Such a time of secrets and grins.

So that is just a little peak into what has been going on around here..... I hope you are enjoying the edge of the season to well as a time of Thanksgiving!

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