Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I remember....

 I remember
your hugs and kisses called "sugar"
the outfits you would sew for me and my Barbie doll to match
the bush in your front yard with white pom pom flowers that cousin Pam and I got in trouble for smashing up all over the yard. :)
the snap of greenbeans in the kitchen as you and mom would can jars and jars with a little bit of bacon
your little poodle, Judy, who followed us across the road when we were going swimming in the irrigation ditch, and was hit by a bean truck.  I felt so guilty and so sad at your tears.
your sunbonnet head, as you sold antiques at the sutter street fair
elvis singing gospel from your phonograph stereo
the sound of laughing and chatting as you and grandpa played cards with mom and dad and Aunt Sally and Uncle Alvie
the dollies you found, and repaired, and dressed in to beautiful treasures
your love of reading and a good romance story

life changes....families move.....distance and time stretch between lives and hearts.  But memories can breathe and smell and feel fresh, decades later....  

I am sad that families move and distance and time stretches...  why do we let that happen?  What really could be so important that we let that happen? 

I love you grandma, like water in my soul that I forgot was there, and bubbles up now.   Hug Jesus for me, grandpa too, and go have a grand great laugh with Aunt Tooty and Aunt Alice, and Grandma and Grandpa Campbell, I know you always enjoyed them.     The real life is just starting and we will all be there soon.

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