Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Still a lamb....

in need of the crook of His arm....

the Lord is my shepherd, he guides, provides, protects and corrects me, his little lamb.

I will not lack what I need.  He leads me to still, quiet restful places. (his yoke is easy).   He restores my tattered and stretched soul to wholeness.  He guides me to the way to be in right relationship with Him (to walk humbly, simply with my God) because I am His, I bare his name, and because of who He is. Yeshua...Jehoveh Saves.  Yes, I will walk through dark, hard times..times that kill my soul, times where I might fear that all faith is lost, blown as dandelion seeds on the wind.  When I am afraid, I trust in Him, my shepherd, looking up to His face from the crook of his arm.  I will not fear evil...He carries a rod and a staff.  The very thought, brings me comfort.  He feeds and tends me, as the wolves circle outside his pasture.  He heals my wounds with the annointing of His Spirit and protects me.  He fills my soul, until it spills over.  Surely, the goodness by which my Shepherd takes actions on my behalf, and the mercy that fills His eyes, as he looks on His lamb, will sustain me all the days of my life.  And one day, he will welcome me into His home, to dwell forever.

in his flock a day, a decade, or a lifetime, I am still a lamb dependent on my shepherd.  He is strong in my weakness.

My grandma was ushered into the presence of her King and Shepherd this morning as we were all still asleep.....to dwell in His home forever.

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Gabi Dickinson said...

This paraphrase of the Psalm is so very beautiful. I am so sorry for your loss.