Tuesday, January 11, 2011

shutting the door on negativity

have you ever had a negative view of something and just felt like you would implode if you did not share it?  Felt the burning fire-ache inside and thought the lava would scorch if not vented?

Sometimes I think facebook, and blog comments can become the venting ground for negativity.  Some blog posts, under the spirit of "sharing what's on my mind", can be a podium for pouring out poison.   I just read such a one today.  It woke me up.  Surprised me, then angered me.  A "friend" with truly a kind and godly spirit was under horrendous attack, and I just could not believe what was being said.  It had been a few days ago...and she had already responded with grace and truth, as well as many others rallying to her side.

Still, I wanted to attack back.  Get my two cents in.  I started to.  Made a little comment....then was reminded, "hurt people, hurt people."  and walked away. 

In reading a certain book recently, there was a part of it that just made me mad!  Not in the "ouch-I-am-convicted-and-that-makes-me-mad" kind of way, but in the "I need to raise your awareness in why this is not okay", kind of way.  I said something, a small something perhaps, but not as strong as I felt.  Later I wished I had not even said the small thing, but rather had just let it go. 

Which brings me to the conundrum:  When do I speak, when do I keep silent?  When to just let it go, and when to right wrongs (or my perception of a wrong) and what good is the negativity anyway?

I will stand up for a friend.  But let my stand not turn and attack and, as Beth Moore puts it, get down in the mud and start wrestling.   I will speak when prejudice and put-downs are spoken in the middle of truth, so the truth gets tainted with the slime of prejudice.  But how to do that and not get sucked in by the negativity? Especially when the person attacking doesn't want to hear another viewpoint anyway.

The Internet can be a place of community, inspiration, and so much good.  Sadly, it can also be a place of horrendous horror, meanness and evil.     Just like our world, only a little faster and less accountable.

So....today I want to shut the door on negativity.  To think and pray before I speak, even when the lava is boiling and to shift to the blessings focus, rather than the pokes.  To walk away and not read what is not beneficial.  May my words help, inspire, heal, nurture and show the way of love to Him, rather than focus on setting the record straight.

With focus on blessings in mind, did you know that Ann Voskamp's book, One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are , is almost available??!!  I ordered two, one for me and one for my momma, back in September and they should be shipped next week!


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2 Things Others Said:

Gabi Dickinson said...

Tell me how that book is?
I might ask my Mum to bring a copy for me in June :)

Rachelle said...

thanks for sharing your heart. It's so true that we can get tangled in negativity very quickly. It was okay that you said what you did about the read along book, i didn't find it offensive. We humans often only see the world from our own perspective, never realizing that something we think/say/do can be very hurtful to someone else. I know I've said things before and later learned it had hurt feelings of a friend or loved one; if I'd known I could have apologized right then.

i haven't ordered Ann's book, but really want to read it! Maybe you could do a mini book review.