Thursday, February 17, 2011

"I am a hunter of beauty" - unwrapping His gifts

"I am a hunter of beauty" - Ann Voskamp, One Thousand Gifts, p. 71

(I am late to the table on completing chapter 4, but I am here.)

The practice of being fully attentive in any one moment, is not an easy one.  There is so much we feel, think, are pressed to do....our stress list.

After all, if I don't do it, who will? 

The practice of hunting for the gifts God gives  all around us, in all moments, and being thankful for those gifts, does not erase my to do list.  What it does, is change the way in which I do them...most of them....and it does eliminate others. 

I am finding, the contentment that comes from eucharisteo, thanksgiving, has an impact on what I think I need to do.  Tasks that got on my list in an attempt to fill a hollowness, or discomfort inside me, are no longer needed.

But really, the transformation happens on a different level.   The mundane becomes "dessert".  My awareness of this time, this season, this moment with my children is heightened, savored, appreciated, ..I am grateful.  And the gratitude is like a cycle, that makes the moment more enjoyable, and enjoying it more makes me more grateful and on it goes, rolling down the hill.

This chapter (four) reminded me of the verse: This is the day which the Lord hath made, I will rejoice and be glad in it. PS 118:24

I remember once, studying the original Hebrew, behind the words in this verse.  The word "day" actually can mean a day, a moment or a season. What Ann is sharing in her book, One Thousand Gifts, echos this verse.  We find joy, when we are fully realizing God is in this moment, now...this season with my kids...this day I am walking.   When I thank Him for each of the gifts each moment, my joy increases...and my stress dissipates and my time if full.   

I walk this life, this season, aware....

items on my list:

children reading on the way to school
baseball caps on boys
a teacher walking the hill for a student
giving books
safe children love
newspaper hearts
hand embroidery
my brother on facebook
pellet stove warmth
Mary's scribbled name
girl giggles at bedtime
words, Ann's words
reading and underlining
my little son asking me to tuck him in

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