Sunday, February 06, 2011

A change our hearts...

I bought one for mom and one for me...for Christmas.

Then I gave mine away, before I could read I bought another.

Then I thought of four others who I knew would love I bought four more.

Then I thought, I need one on hand, just in case someone I know needs it, so I bought two more...

I have read the first three or four is changing me.

I have read Ann Voskamp's blog, A Holy Experience, for a couple years now, and was excited when I found out she was publishing a book.  So many of her posts I print, or send, or read again and again.  I find myself quoting her.   Real, God-saturated, authentic..hurting...truthful.  So often I read and I think oh, she is like me,  she is hurting, she is questioning, her kids me....and yet breathing in the holy God.

So I knew her book would be good.    I just found out today, That {In}Courage is having a read-along of 1000 gifts....
 at first I thought...well,  I won't participate...they are just starting Chapter one and I am three or four chapters into it.


after watching the video today posting in the read-along, I thought, I want to go read chapter one all over again.

and again

and again

Ann grapples with the painful, hard truth, faith-shattering questions with honesty and beauty and finds God and helps me find God in them.

I highly highly....if you read no other book this year, recommend reading this book.  

And you might want to following along with the video's on the read-along.

{I guess I had something to say after all.  I have to go move the laundry to the dryer and re-read chapter one. }

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Brittany said...

I felt the same way about chapter one. I feel like I could read it a million times and still get something out of it.

(I found your blog through the Bloom read-along)