Sunday, February 06, 2011


I never have anything to say anymore


my thoughts are often wedged between to dos and dinner, and finding shoes, and laundry, and a movie and never ever fully, (or partially beyond a smidgen) flushed out.

so I don't blog.


so here is a download stream:

  • weather was gorgeous today with fresh mowed lawn...i spent it inside
  • Nepal...a christian pastor their and his efforts touched my heart...truly felt it leap like John the baptist in Elizabeth's tummy, when Mary and Jesus visited.  
  • Gabi has her first daughter!  woo hooo
  • sewed 16 snack cute, my oldest son says, mom we are not 5.  sigh...why not??!!!
  • there was a football game today, I think. :) 
  • Ann Voskamps book. 1000 Gifts. is so good, I have to read in little bites
  • I got so mad at a printer yesterday I threw a BIG tissy fit,...really
  • fought with a drill and wall hanger today,   they won.  I held the wall hanger in my hands and told it it was really a poopy head.
  • Bella needs a flea bath, still
  • have not planned meals for this week yet....guess I know what I am doing during lunch time tomorrow.
  • Four books are tying in together and I just love when that happens, but feeling so fritty and scritchy that I don't want to read.  (Prayer, 1000 Gifts, Believing God and Your God is too Safe)
  • Bought a new tv and felt guilty.  (even though our old one was 10 years old and would not play half of our dvds)
  • Watched Ratatouille with the kids last night on the new tv..pretty picture, felt a little better.
  • Can it really be Sunday night with Monday a hop skip and a sneeze away?
  • Went to an Ethiopian Restaurant for lunch yesterday with Olivia, and Mary and four other mommas of kids from Ethiopia.   Olivia loved the food.  was joyful all day about it.  I had heartburn and tummy aches.   But was happy that she was happy.
  • Church is good.   In so many ways.   Thrilled over sharing and supporting Nepal.  Enjoyed the potluck...loved the worship and prayers...and the message was good...  its all good.
  • School clothes are in the spin cycle, so I will be up for a while.
  • oh and I had this epiphany, listening to Believing God (by Beth Moore) about suffering and prayer....a big one, but it is eluding me at the moment.  Now isn't that a hoot?  I guess I will have to rewind and listen to that chapter again.
  • I finished Secret Name.  did not like it much...  but maybe I got a name...
Now isn't that the most interesting post on the face of the earth?  See why I have nothing to say lately?

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Kat said...

Totally enjoyed it! Now THAT is a real mom post :)!