Thursday, February 03, 2011

"Lit'l fixer of all things"

 Look what  papa and I did!!   :)

A couple weeks ago, I shared a peak into my family's 1/2 painted, disorganized favorite creative space.

Well last Saturday I was inspired and finsihed painting the walls.  Papa had made me these cool shelves, some from reclaimed lumber, one with ribbon spools, and I had picked up others at the thrift store or antique shop.  So my "fixer of all things" hung them all up for me and I organized.

So now our creative space is even MORE pleasant.

  I then had to try it out, by making something "new".  Out of my stash, I created a birthday present for a party my boys are going to this weekend.

Includes a how to book on making sock creatures, and a bag full of all the supplies one little bunny I had to make, just to test it out.

Thank you Papa,  I love my "redone" space!

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